Czech Republic Haunted Ghost Tour

You might not think that the Czech Republic has such a history of being spooktacular, but it does. Who knew that among the sweeping towers of Prague and the slow flow of the Vltava there’d be so many haunted places to explore? Despite the country only having been around since 1993, its castles and chateaux have a lifetime reaching centuries back into history. You’re bound to come across something unearthly!

To find your own special haunts, and to learn more about the exciting history of Bohemia and Moravia, hire a guide to take you on a Czech Republic haunted ghost tour. You’ll be glad you did. Prague is where most of the action takes place. A guide will take you along a route that leads through the Old Town and its many maze-like streets and cobbled lanes. He or she will point out medieval churches and haunted houses, all while weaving stories about ghosts, fear and terror, and the kind of frightening superstitions that will make your skin crawl.

Prague’s dark past includes murders, monsters, and spirits. An experienced guide will lead you through some of the eeriest parts of Prague – areas once reigned by poverty, plague, and magic. You’ll hear stories of death and betrayal, and dart arts. You’ll also receive a valuable history lesson, learning about the tragic stories of the House of Death, and the secrets of the Alchemists’ Lair. There’s even a street where a procession of ghosts pass by.

Delve even deeper (literally), and explore Prague’s underground. You’ll hear about the dramatic history from the founding of the Old Town to Hall to the uprising of 1945, and you’ll explore 800 years of history in the catacombs and chambers from the 12th century. This is a side to Prague that few people experience! You’ll even have an opportunity to experience Prague Castle after dark.

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Peter Sykora

Prague, Czech Republic

Ghost or Vampire, Sightseeing

$20 USD

Dark Shadows of the Old Town

This route will take you through the streets and cobbled lanes of the old town, visiting ancient places where archaic and obscure legends are told among the winding streets, medieval churche…



Prague, Czech Republic

Boat, Ghost or Vampire, Heritage-History...

€16 EUR

Ghost and Legends of Old Town

Prague, Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Ghost or Vampire Tour, Sightseeing


Peter Sýkora

Prague, Czech Republic

Ghost or Vampire, Sightseeing

$18 USD

Dark Shadows Old Town

Prague, Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Ghost or Vampire Tour, Sightseeing


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Czech Republic Haunted Ghost Tour Continued...

Prague was also a popular city for Paganism, and a Czech Republic haunted ghost tour will tell you all about the old pagan rituals that used to take place here, as well as the legend of Libuse. If you’re lucky, your guide will tell you some secrets about the famous Astronomical Clock, and you’ll receive a talisman (a magic stone) at the end of the tour to keep you safe. You’ll need it.

Beyond the city centre, the Vltava River also holds many secrets. Head to the Clementinum, a complex of libraries, churches, and scientific institutions on the Vltava riverbanks. Next, move on to the Certovka, also known as “The Devil’s Stream,” for a cruise around Kampa Island. It’s said that water spirits lurk below the surface.

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