Croatia Heritage-History Tour

Hugging the Mediterranean and overflowing with beauty, Croatia is one of the most captivating countries in the Balkans. Whether it’s the waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park you’ve come to see or the stunning, rugged islands of the Adriatic, Croatia is a place you’re sure to fall in love with. Even better: those with an interest in world history will find Croatia’s past to be fascinating. Hire a local guide to take you sightseeing on a Croatia heritage-history tour, and you’ll be spellbound in no time.

People tend to be drawn to fortress towns, and Croatia’s Dubrovnik is no exception. Once you step inside the gate, you’ll see why: this place is beautifully preserved, and it feels something like a fairytale. Dubrovnik’s Old Town has a 2000-year-old history, and you’ll learn some of it while you’re walking the cobblestoned alleyways. For example, did you know that the city abolished slavery in 1416, 400 years before the British Empire?

Start out at Dubrovnik’s Big Onofrio’s fountain, a city landmark. Move on to the main square, where your guide can point out the city’s secular and religious architecture, like the gorgeous Sponza Palace or the baroque church of St. Blasius. Take a look inside the Rector’s Palace, and learn about the city’s unique government and diplomacy. You’ll also learn about Dubrovnik’s violent war history, and its eight-month long siege during the Yugoslavian War. And yes, your guide will be totally fine with you bombarding him or her with Game of Thrones questions.

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Daniel Knezevic

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Heritage-History, Sightseeing

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The old town of Dubrovnik offers a rich history and transports you directly into the middle age and glorious times of the "Ragusean Republic". A visit of 2 hours is the ideal for the first g…


Ivan Vuković

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Heritage-History, Museum, Sightseeing...

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Heart of Dubrovnik Tour

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Croatia

Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing


Vesna Barisic

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Heritage-History, Sightseeing

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A Scent of a Woman

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Croatia

Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing


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If you’d like to combine cultural exploration with some adventure, opt for a guided kayaking trip around Trogir. This UNESCO World Heritage city is stunning, and even more so from the sea. You can start in Seget Donji, a small village, before paddling your way to Trogir’s historic centre. You’ll learn about how this city was an extremely important port, and you’ll even get some unique access to the canal. You can even combine this experience with a little beach time in Pantana – you’re on vacation, after all.

Reaching even further back, head to the capital city of Zagreb to learn about its rich history dating to Roman times. It’s hard to designate a part of this city as the “old town,” because so much of it is old! St. Mark’s Square is a good starting point, however, and you’ll see lots of building exemplifying gorgeous baroque architecture dating from the 18th century in this area. Then there’s the medieval Vlaska Street, a gorgeous part of town worth exploring on foot.

To get off the grid, opt for a Croatia heritage-history tour in Northern Croatia. A guide will show you the best of this unexplored part of the country, and you’ll get to stay in many interesting villages and in hotels run by local families. You’ll learn about the country’s history and culture as you eat and dine your way through Croatia – nothing beats a local experience like sampling wines and traditional dishes at a unique restaurant!

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