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Chile is a prime destination in South America, especially for those seeking outdoorsy, inspiring experiences. This long, thin country stretches across such an expanse of territory, it covers everything from insanely dry deserts to salt flats to glacial fields. On top of all that, there are valleys, dunes, volcanoes, ancient forest, fjords, mountains, and more. A Chile adventure may take you some time, but it’s worth it.

Have you come for some hiking and trekking in the Chilean mountains? You’ll find El Morado National Park in the heart of the Chilean Andes, not all that far from Santiago (the capital). From El Morado National Monument – just 93 kilometes from Santiago in the Cajon del Maipo canyon – you’ll be able to take on some epic hiking, surrounded by snowy mountain peaks in the middle of the wilderness. From here it’s also possible to visit the town of San Jose de Maipo, and the spring waters of Panimavida. The Morales lagoon is also worth seeing on your Chile adventure.

Glaciers and hot springs? Chile has those too. Set out on the trails of Valle de Las Arenas, also in the Maipo Valley, where you’ll cross snowy terrain and volcanoes, and mountains. From here you can reach the imposing El Morado glacier. Then you can move on to the valley springs hill, with nine natural hot springs for your enjoyment. The waters of the Valley Collina hot springs contain mineralized, magmatic deposits from volcano San Jose, believed to help rheumatic diseases and dermal wounds.

To go deeper into Chile, try Aguas del Ramon National Park, located on the Precordillera. This place has a ton of biodiversity, especially when it comes to the native flora. A hike will lead you through streams, a fascinating Peumos forest, valleys of wild herbs, hillsides with cactus, and beautiful lookouts. There’s also the stunning 20-meter high waterfall, Salto de Apoquindo. With an experienced local guide, you won’t miss a thing.

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Benjamín Garcia

Santiago, Chile

Adventure, Climbing, Hiking Trekking...

$120 USD

Glacier and Hot Springs

Trek to a Glacier and Relax in a Volcanic Hot Spring An energetic morning followed by a relaxing afternoon. Yo will get to see two sides of the Andes on this all day tour. We’ll pick you…


Marco Antonio Moris Céspedes

Santiago, Chile

Adventure, Hiking Trekking, Nature, Nature

95 CLP

Take Glacier and Hot Springs

Santiago, Chile, Chile

Adventure, Hiking Trekking


Cristian Saez

Mulchen, Chile

Adventure, Canyoneering, Rappelling

Custom Price

Saltos del Rehuen Circuit

Mulchen, Chile, Chile

Adventure, Canyoneering, Rappelling


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Chile Adventure Continued...

Who can forget Torres del Paine, and the mountains in Patagonia? The southernmost reaches of Chile have some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes. View the famous three pink granite towers with the glacial lake right below it, as you make your way along Lake Nordenskjold.

If you’re no stranger to seeking thrills, from Santiago it’s quite easy to arrange a rock climbing or bouldering trip with experienced guides. There’s plenty of opportunity to also try paragliding over Santiago – the bird’s eye view is amazing! On the opposite extreme, there’s the beautiful Atacama Desert, which affords some of the best star gazing in the world. In Antofagasta, climb to Calama city for some stellar evening views. Also nearby is the Tatio geyser, Los Flamencos National Park, and the Valley of the Moon.

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