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Life in California is not too shabby. Why else would it be such a popular state? Year-round lovely temperatures, mountains and coastline, and hip cities are just a few good reasons why people choose to make California their home. Whether you’re sampling famous wines from Napa or checking out the street art in San Francisco, California lifestyle is meant for everyone. On a guided tour, you’ll get to experience it like the locals do.

Wine enthusiasts often make the trek to California just for experiencing the wine alone. It helps that the surrounding landscape and the towns are equally as fantastic. In Paso Robles, load up a picnic basket of cheese, salami, crackers, dip, and veggies, and hit the wine trail. In the Napa Valley, spend some time touring the various winery estates and sampling some of the best wines in the world. You can taste off-the-menu special wines, and also enjoy some gourmet food. Visit select vineyards along the Silverado Trail, or combine your wine tasting experience with a trip to Sonoma.

Foodies can’t go wrong with a California lifestyle tour. See LA’s original Farmers Market, where you’ll visit artisan butchers, bakers, and candy-makers. Here you’ll find a gourmet grocery emporium with one of the city’s finest cheese counters, as well as an international spice merchant. In East LA, visit some of the finest Latin American food stops in the country. If you’re in Berkeley, visit established culinary icons like The Cheeseboard Collective as well as The Local Butcher Shop. You’ll sample homemade pastrami and aristan soda, as well as handcrafted bread and imported chocolate. Is your mouth watering yet? We’re just getting started. Don’t forget the bohemian neighbourhoods of San Francisco, or Oakland’s retro cocktail scene. On Catalina Island, visit the local favourites that include steakhouses, Chinese food, coffee shops, and more. Stroll along the waterfront and learn about the area’s history and culture. Ready for dessert time? The handmade chocolatiers around the state can’t be beat.

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California Lifestyle Continued...

If you’re into hip, upbeat, earthy cities, San Francisco is the place to be…especially the Mission district. Sample artisan donuts, Mexican pastries, and other awesome local snacks as you stroll along taking in some of the city’s best street art. With a guide, you’ll learn all about the area’s history and culture. Wander through Dolores Park, and finish up at the historical Mission Dolores church. You’ll discover hidden gems around Chinatown, where you can take some traditional Chinese tea during a tea tasting session with a tea master (yes, those exist). Visit San Francisco’s oldest temple, and have your fortune read. Don’t forget to swing by the Beatniks of North Beach! And yes, San Francisco really is that quirky.

If you’re into shopping and fashion, there’s plenty of opportunity to indulge in California. You can hop on cocktail or beer tours, or take a balloon ride. It’s your vacation – make the most of it!

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