California Kayaking

California is not just about Hollywood and super cities. It’s the perfect state to visit for adventurers, especially for those travellers who want a combination of sun, ocean, and mountains. Bordered by the Pacific, California is also a natural playground for water sport enthusiasts. A California kayaking trip will lead you to some of the most unique scenic backdrops in the United States.

One of the most underrated destinations in California is Morro Bay, an oceanfront city in San Luis Obispo County. You could easily spend a full day here kayaking around the bay, and be sure to get some photographs of Morro Rock. A guide will take you to popular attractions like the heron preserve, the oyster farm, and the sand dunes. You may even meet some friendly harbour seals! You can also opt for a sunset paddle, complete with cheese and crackers and a touch of romance. A bewitching full moon paddle is another option.

For something truly off the grid, head to Santa Barbara to paddle to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific, where you’ll find the mysterious Painted Cave. You’ll paddle deep into this sea cave, where the waters are crystal clear and the cave walls are spectacular. Strap on some snorkel gear, and get overboard. Keep an eye out for wildlife, too: you may see humpback whales, California gray whales, and even killer whales. From Santa Barbara, you can even kayak out to other sea caves in Santa Cruz. You can also take a kayak out in Santa Barbara Harbour, where it’s easy to see sea lions hanging out on buoys, and it’s not uncommon to find dolphins playing around your boat.

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Justin Perkins

Napa, California, United States

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Napa River History Tour

Our beautiful Napa River History Tour provides you with a unique insider's perspective. Traveling by kayak, we reveal Napa’s most intimate and provocative secrets. Hop on a kayak, and p…


Chris Match

Inverness, Marshall, California...

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Tomales Bay Morning Paddle

Marshall, California, United States...

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David Teafatiller

San Diego, California, United States

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Whale Watching Kayak Tour

San Diego, California, United States...

Adventure, Kayaking


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If you’re an experienced paddler and would love to try some whitewater rapids, do some California kayaking on the Rogue River. This takes place in both Mule Creek Canyon and Coffee Pot.  You’ll experience special places like Rainey Falls and the fish ladder, Black Bar and Blossom Bar, and more. You might even witness some salmon jumping.

For a more leisurely paddle, head to Blue Waters in Inverness. Paddle along the Point Reyes shoreline, enjoying the wildlife and natural scenery. Stop and have a picnic at a Tomales Bay beach. Put aside your kayak for a bit, and hike a trail in Tomales Bay State Park. You may see seals, night herons, pelicans, and jellyfish. At night, when it’s dark and moonless, you’ll see “constellations” in the water. Fish create phosphorescent trails as they swim about, which can look like glowing clouds. It’s a spectacular natural wonder!

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