California Hiking & Trekking

California is teeming with epic adventure opportunities for thrill seekers from around the globe. Among the best places to visit for outdoor exploration include Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, Palm Springs, and Santa Ynez. On a California hiking tour, you’ll get to experience any of these destinations without hassle.

With a hiking tour, you’ll have some peace of mind knowing you’re in the hands of an adventure expert while you’re snapping photos of the wildlife in Yosemite National Park, including grizzlies and mountain lions. For some coastal exploring, seek out the hidden sandy beaches inside Montaña de Oro State Park, or take in the beauty that is Valencia Peak at 1,347 feet high.

California is home to stunning coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean, and this is evident in places like Point Reyes National Park. The Point Reyes Peninsula is a rugged coastal area allowing access to Tomales Bay and Bolinas Lagoon. With a guide, it’s possible to see all these places on your trekking tour. If you’d rather have a little bit of luxury to go along with your hike, try an inn-to-inn hiking excursion in the beautiful Marin County.  You’ll get all the beauty of the countryside, and a soft bed to lay our head in the evenings.

Even if you’re not so much a fan of the great outdoors, many guides provide urban hiking tours through popular destinations like San Francisco. Climb to the top of Tank Hill and take it all in! A similar experience awaits you in Palm Springs, where there’s easy access to all the city’s finest amenities, but where guests are also surrounded by mountains and desert.

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Hiking & Trekking in California

Chris Match

Inverness, Marshall, California...

Adventure, Hiking Trekking, Kayaking

$49 USD

Tomales Bay Wetlands Hiking

Catch the highlights of the Giacomini Wetlands from spectacular trails which have been virtually untouched by the human foot. Learn about the rich history of th…


Braden Beane

Yosemite National Park, California...

Adventure, Eco, Hiking Trekking, Nature

$150 USD

Mount Hoffman Hike

Yosemite National Park, California...

Adventure, Hiking Trekking


Alexandra Kenin

San Francisco, California, United States

Adventure, Hiking Trekking, Sightseeing...

$45 USD

San Francisco ‘s Urban…

San Francisco, California, United States...

Adventure, Hiking Trekking


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All guides are first aid certified, and have had many years of hiking and outdoor survival experience. No matter your trekking preference, California has something in store for you.

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