California Food Tours

California’s eclectic collection of nationalities and personalities makes this state a foodie heaven, and a California food tour guide will introduce you to some of the state’s best kept secrets. Thanks to its warm climate and ideal farmland, fresh and local ingredients are the ordinary. In most cities you’ll find cuisine from all corners of the world, including French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and more. And let’s not forget the abundance of fresh seafood available straight from the Pacific Ocean. It’s believed that America’s sushi craze started here. After all, most of us are familiar with the Californian roll!

 For those wanting to explore some true Californian lifestyle, a food tour is an excellent way to get acquainted with all things local. With a guide you can explore San Francisco’s Chinatown for the best dim sum, or chow down on locally harvested oysters from Tomales Bay. In Los Angeles you have unlimited ethnic neighborhoods to explore, with everything from Little Persia to Little Armenia. A food tour in California truly allows visitors to understand the cultural diversity of the Golden State and everything it has to offer.

It’s not all Californian pizza and Baja-style Mexican food, either! California is also home to a special style of fusion food, based solely on independent farmers and locally grown ingredients. Hispanic and Pacific Asian cuisines also strongly influence the fusion foodie scene. If you have a vegetarian, vegan, or raw food diet, don’t worry. You certainly won’t go hungry.

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Food Tours in California

Blandina Farley

San Francisco, California, United States

Food, Lifestyle, Sightseeing, Walking

$59 USD

North Beach/Little Italy Walking Food Tour

It's no secret Italians know a thing or two about good food and great wine, and this tour visits some of the best Italian eateries in town. Indulge your senses…



Coronado, San Diego, California...

Food, Lifestyle

$47 USD

Coronado Walking Food Tour

Coronado, California, United States...

Food Tour, Lifestyle


Bianca Jaime

San Diego, California, United States

Art, Beer, Cocktail, Food, Lifestyle...

$45 USD

Brothels, Bites & Booze

San Diego, California, United States...

Food Tour, Lifestyle


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 Spend an evening sampling craft beers in San Diego. For a little vacation time, head to Sonoma to experience some of the best wines in the world with your local guide. You’ll get a taste of what makes California so special, while also enjoying over 50 nature parks and ample hiking and cycling trails to offset all those glasses of cabernet.

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