California Cocktail Tours

California and Cocktails – the two just go together. Whether you prefer the modern twist on the cocktail found in the trendy SoMa district of San Francisco, or you yearn for a more “old school” cocktail like those served on the rocks in the grittier bars of old Hollywood (oh, if those walls could talk!), there is no place like California to embark on a guided cocktail tour.

The benefits of having an experienced guide for your cocktail tour are plentiful. For one, your guide can smooth the way for you to bypass imposing doormen with confidence, but they also have all the inside info on all the cocktails you just can’t miss trying, like the deliciously decadent “California Coastline”.

And with all the infamous folks that have called California home, there are a million juicy stories that started with drinks at a cocktail bar. What can we say, our guides dish all the historical “dirt” that makes some of these watering holes as infamous as the celebrities who misbehaved in them.

In California, you will find guided tours that touch on the naughty, like one featuring infamous brothels, or even one that brings together two great tour ingredients; tequila and tombstones. Wine lovers and beer lovers take heart – there are guides in California specializing in these lovely libations too.

A recent rating of the best cocktail bars in America found scores in California, most notably the highest ranking on the list “Smuggler’s Cove” in San Francisco, followed closely by a Los Angeles saloon “The Varnish” where they are mixing up some heavenly cocktails on Sixth Street downtown.

So whether you enjoy your cocktail shaken, stirred, straight-up or on the rocks, a California Cocktail Tour Guide will ensure your whistle is whetted to perfection! And in the unlikely event you have one too many, your guide can help get you back to your hotel unscathed. And don’t worry; your stories are safe with them. As F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said – “Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life!”

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California Cocktail Tours

Alice Kawahatsu

Oakland, San Francisco, California...

Cocktail, Food, Lifestyle, Market...

$113 USD

San Francisco Craft Cocktails

San Francisco bartenders are known for reviving lost recipes, innovating new cocktails and re-inventing new classics, but you'll have to join this tour for that story. Visit some of the grea…


Bianca Jaime

San Diego, California, United States

Art, Beer, Cocktail, Food, Lifestyle...

$60 USD

Craft Cocktails & Beer…

San Diego, California, United States...

Beer Tour, Cocktail Tour, Lifestyle


Ryan Russo

San Francisco, California, United States

Beer, Cocktail, Heritage-History, Lifestyle...

$60 USD

The Gold Rush Drinking Tour

San Francisco, California, United States...

Beer Tour, Cocktail Tour...


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