British Columbia Heritage & History Tours

With a colourful past spanning an estimated 10,000 years, British Columbia has its share of historic landmarks and heritage markers. Taking in a British Columbia heritage tour is a great way to learn about aeons past, including BC’s rich cultural heritage and history. Guided tours are also a refreshing way of sightseeing and gaining insight to a destination from a new perspective.

Taking a history tour will open your eyes to facts you won’t find in the history books. Not only will you hear fascinating information about BC’s past, but tour guides will also share colourful anecdotes from locals past and present. BC’s First Nations population have some of the most colourful and insightful tales of the province’s history, including legends which have been handed down many generations. With more than 40 major Aboriginal cultural groups represented today, tour guides can introduce you to tribes that are keen to share an insight to their culture, customs and heritage.

While Indigenous culture continues to play a major role in BC’s heritage, the Gold Rush also played a key role in British Columbia’s history. Some towns are still thriving today because of their success during the Gold Rush, while others dropped off the radar completely. Alice Arm, Anyox and Doreen are just a few of the ghost towns which thrived in the Gold Rush before going bust in the late 1900s. You can take a step back in time and visit the boom and bust communities on a guided tour to learn what led to their demise.

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Heritage Tours in British Columbia

Will Woods

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ghost or Vampire, Heritage-History...

$19 USD

Prohibition City

Mobsters! Opium! Booze! Delve into Vancouver's dirtiest secrets on this scandal fueled walking tour. You'll discover dirty cops, a corrupt Mayor, and travel back to 1917 when Prohibition…


Istvan Hernadi

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Adventure, Boat, Heritage-History...

$3600 USD

Ghost Towns of Northwest BC

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada, Canada

Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing


Tom Sewid

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Heritage-History, Sightseeing

$985 USD

Aboriginal Experience…

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Canada

Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing


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British Columbia Heritage & History Tours Continued...

For heritage tours with a twist, you can also learn about the historic towns of Nelson and Kaslo on board a horse & carriage outfit. Not only will you see spectacular mountain scenery, dramatic vistas of Kootenay Lake, and quaint historic towns, but you will also get to take a carriage ride with a 2300 pound draught horse.

There are many stories of BC’s past which you won’t find in the history books. By hiring a guide or taking a guided tour, you will gain an insight to the rich cultural heritage and learn stories of aeons ago. Enjoy!

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