British Columbia Backcountry Skiing

British Columbia may very well be the adventure capital of Canada, and when it comes to skiing, the province can’t be beat. Whistler Mountain is a household name, and children are raised on skis. Well, that may not be entirely true, but skiing is certainly a cherished pastime among many – if not most. When there’s lots of snow around, people know how to make the most of it.

Thanks to the province’s mountainous landscapes and plentiful national and provincial parks, there’s no shortage of ski opportunities. And whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced skier, a guided British Columbia backcountry skiing trip will open your eyes to whole new terrain you never even knew existed. You can rest assured you’re in safe hands: all guides have a great deal of experience, are certified, and are avid skiers themselves.

If you’re already familiar with Whistler and would like to get “off the beaten trail,” you can hop on a backcountry tour to discover some new and fabulous routes. Opting for a private guide, you can also learn about avalanche safety and other valuable winter skills. If you’re a more experienced skier, you can hit the super steep slopes in a steep ski clinic. You’ll be placed in small groups with people on your skill level, and experienced instructors will assess your techniques. This one’s for the serious skier only!

Be sure to book yourself some time around the Whistler around before and after your backcountry trip. Whistler is famous for a reason, and even when the skiing’s done, you’ll find yourself languishing in the fantastic food and nightlife scene. Play hard, party harder!

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Chad Hendren

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Adventure, Backcountry Skiing

$215 USD

Backcountry Ski Adventures

This is a full day of mind-blowing guided backcountry skiing, telemarking or snowboarding with ACMG Guides who are willing to share techniques and tactics to hone your skiing.  A day with E…


David Lussier

Golden, Nelson, British Columbia, Valais...

Adventure, Backcountry Skiing, Climbing...

$2200 USD

Ski Touring Basecamp

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, Canada

Adventure, Backcountry Skiing


Jason Remple

Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada

Adventure, Backcountry Skiing

$1775 USD


Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada, Canada

Adventure, Backcountry Skiing


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British Columbia Backcountry Skiing Continued...

A British Columbia backcountry skiing tour may also take you to some places you’ve never considered, like Nelson. From a basecamp, you can set out on a multi-day tour of the stunning Nelson area, including the headwaters of Kokanee Creek, Glory Basin, and Nilsik Creek. The basecamp is located on the pristine Serpentine Lake area, near Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, where the snowpack tends to exceed three meters every year. Back at camp, you’ll find well-equipped tents and cooking shelters, perfect for a truly rugged backcountry experience.

Even further off the path: Head out to Kaslo, based out of the Kootenay Mountains with epic snowfalls and fewer crowds than you’ll find at Whistler and elsewhere. You can add a little luxury to your skiing, so at the end of the day you can come home to a cold beer in front of a fireplace at a chalet of your choice. Kaslo itself is a wonderful area to explore, even off your skis. It’s nestled in the mountains, and despite only having about 1000 residents, you’ll find plenty of friendly faces and unlimited things to do.

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