Australia Sightseeing

As the sixth largest country by total area, you can bet there’s a lot to see when vacationing in Australia. But don’t let the country’s size deter you: Australia sightseeing guides will ensure you don’t miss a thing. In fact, you can rest assured that whether you’re traveling to mainland Australia, the small state island of Tasmania, or any of the other tiny islands under Aussie rule, your sightseeing guide will introduce you to some staggeringly beautiful scenery, wildlife that doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth, and amazingly friendly people. 

To keep up with their country’s dynamic land, sightseeing tour guides in Australia are multi-talented. Be it skilled in oceanography, wildlife, horticulture, or just culture in general, Australia’s guides can share everything there is to know about that part of the world’s nature and history. Sightseeing tour guides might share all they know about the likes of koalas and kangaroos, or divulge insider secrets about the best places to enjoy world-famous wine, or take you on an ocean tour and explain all the unique wildlife that exists under the waves.

It’s also important to know that guided sightseeing tours in Australia welcome all ages and physical abilities. Kids love exploring the Australian outback, what with all its fascinating wildlife. Whether it’s a day at a perfect sandy beach, a trek through the outback, a guided excursion around the capital city of Sidney or a day on the ocean, a sightseeing tour guide will ensure you appreciate it all.

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Unique Things To See & Do With Local Guides In Australia

Scott Ricketts

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Private, Sightseeing

$895 AUD

Blue Mountains

Enjoy creating lifetime memories by exploring this stunning UNESCO-listed destination at a pace and style perfectly tailored to suit you. This private tour can be customized to your interest…



Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Photo, Sightseeing

Custom Price

Sydney Night Photography

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia...

Photo Tour, Sightseeing


Rob Cooper

Tasmania, Australia

Private, Sightseeing

Custom Price

Tasmania Private Tour

Tasmania, Australia, Australia

Private Tour, Sightseeing


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