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So you’re going to Prague. With your husband, your 70 year old mom, and your teenage sons. How do you get around? What sights do you HAVE to see? What kind of activities do you do? Where do you eat? How do you find a guide who can accommodate the wide variety of needs and interests within your group?

Well, you can ask Google, you can talk to your travel agent, you can talk to your friends, but the person you REALLY NEED to talk to is the ACTUAL GUIDE! Local Guides are the best source of ideas and information about where to go and what to do when you are traveling. They know things that your travel agent, friends, online booking sites, and even Google CANNOT tell you.

This is why we built GuideAdvisor!

To connect travelers with guides BEFORE you book. Maybe even before you decide where you want to go and what you want to do. We want you to get to know your guide, and to plan the best travel experience possible with them.

GuideAdvisor.com serves both travelers and guides in a completely new way. We started out as a booking engine, like everyone else, but we listened to our customers, both guides and travelers, and they clearly said:

“We do not want someone in between us, would someone please just connect us!” So that is what we do – BUT - we do so much more!

Yes – we facilitate the travel planning process by bringing travelers and guides together to plan and execute the most authentic and memorable experiences possible, but we are also passionate about building and growing local businesses, and we are dedicated to helping these businesses reinvest and contribute as much as possible to their local economies so that they both continue to thrive.

How do we do all of this?
An example of a guide profile

With a Marketplace that focuses on the Guides.

For Travelers to get to know, before they go. The Guides create Guide Profiles that include photos and/or videos of themselves in action, bios, licenses and certifications, reviews by past customers, company information, a Q&A with the Guide if they are a Premium Guide, and their immediate offerings, called “Trip” Profiles.

A “Trip” can be anything from tasting wine while flying in a helicopter over the vineyards to taking a cooking lesson to climbing Mount Everest, if you can imagine it, a guide likely offers it, and if they don’t yet, they will! All you have to do is contact them using one of the direct links that we provide for you to connect with the guides, before you book, to plan your experience.

GuideAdvisor Dashboard

By helping Guides help themselves.

We provide our digital marketing expertise and services to the guides, yes, but we also help them to understand the world of digital marketing.

For instance, we can help them set up their Google analytics, if they have not, so that they can determine which distribution/referral channels are sending them the most business, so that they can make informed decisions about how to spend their marketing dollars.

We also suggest resources for them to use to build better websites, get tips on how to “be a better guide”, get a booking widget for their sites, and get insured, all at a discounted rate (or for free) when they have a GuideAdvisor account.

Buy Local

By keeping it local.

We understand that Guides' margins are small, and they need to be able to reinvest as much as possible into their business and their local economies.

Our business model, and our advice, allows them to keep their marketing costs low and to reinvest more into their business and their local economies by hiring staff, buying new equipment, and any other resource they need to provide the best and safest travel experiences possible.


By helping Guides and Travelers giveback.

A contribution is made to our Kiva.org #GuidesGiveBack lending team for every guide and traveler sign-up. Kiva.org is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

Don’t miss out. Make every minute count!

We hire guides too. In fact, it was our own experiences hiring guides that encouraged us to start GuideAdvisor in the first place. Every member of our team has travelled extensively and we all came to realize that it's the authentic experiences only made possible by connecting with a local that makes a trip memorable. Meet the team.

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